Nimbuzz combines the power of the Internet and Mobile to provide a seemless chatting and calling experience on all mobile devices and across all telecom operators. Nimbuzz is everything you need to communicate for free

  • Call, chat and have fun on your terms, plus photos, music and video sharing.
  • Engage with existing and new friends see who’s online, and what they are up to.
  • For everyone, everywhere. Nimbuzz is supported on all devices, so go ahead and invite your friends.

Nimbuzz Lets You … Meet, Share and Connect.

Calling - between us, it’s free

What if you could call friends and relatives without worrying about the bill? What if you could call anyone, anywhere for free? That’s what Nimbuzz is all about. If your friends or relatives are on Nimbuzz, you can call them for free.

NimbuzzOut - Cheapest international calls worldwide

With NimbuzzOut you can call your friends who are not yet on Nimbuzz. Yes, what you just read is true – you can now save up to 95% on your mobile bill by using NimbuzzOut.

NimbuzzOut is a low cost Pay-As-You-Go service for calling mobiles and landlines from your Nimbuzz app. So, what are you waiting for…go ahead and buy some NimbuzzOut credits.

Messaging - All In One

Communicating with our friends, family and colleagues is something we can’t live without. Who better to help you stay in touch with your near and dear ones than the World’s best instant messenger - Nimbuzz.

When you have Nimbuzz in your mobile, you don’t have to incur SMS or MMS costs to indulge in unlimited text or multimedia messaging. Nimbuzz offers you free messaging, free photo sharing, free music sharing, and free video sharing between any of your friend, relative or colleague who is also on Nimbuzz. You can also use Group Chat to send out these messages and multimedia to groups of people such as your schoolmates, college mates, colleagues, etc.

When you aren’t chatting with your known friends, you can spice up your life by striking friendship with users from over 200+ countries in Nimbuzz Chatrooms.

*While Nimbuzz is optimized for use on 2G, 3G, 4G and Wifi connections, we recommend using Wifi for further reducing your data costs

Make your mobile do more, for less

Nimbuzz is your new address book. You decide whether you want to call, message, share photos or location, or simply see who is online.

From N-World you can customize your profile, send virtual gifts to your friends, play games, try chat buddies and more.

Use Nimbuzz from anywhere – your Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 8, Windows PC, Mac, Symbian or MIDP mobile phone.